Read a step by step guideDo you want to record the video chatting on Skype, MSN to share them with your friends or burn them to CD/DVD? Free Webcam Capture is designed to record webcam video and audio synchronously. You can choose any area to record like full screen, a window or a specific part of the screen. Moreover, it can make the recorded video more attractive with filter effects.

Record Webcam Video
Do you want to share your home concert, teaching, study, etc. with your friends no matter where they are? With Free Webcam Capture, you can record live video from your webcam to conveniently replay them on your PC or other video players whenever you want.

Capture Your Screen
With Free Webcam Capture, you can capture live streaming screen video into video files. Any part of the screen's activities or the cursor's movements can be recorded easily. For those who need to make software demonstrations, videos for tutoring, it is an ideal option.

Record Any Region of the Screen
You can record full screen, part of the screen and even any window on the screen. Free Webcam Capture provides multiple options like Region stable - region from windows; Region stable - free hand mode; Region moving by mouse; Region stable - set values by user; Region stable - full screen.

Synchronous Audio Recording
Free Webcam Capture enables you to record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously. When recording video conferences, you can use the adjustable audio settings to change input source, compression, bit rate, input volume, etc.

Video/Audio Codecs Settings for Perfect Output Quality
With advanced video and audio codecs settings, you can record webcam video in highest quality. Beginners can use the default presets and professionals can set the target Video Codecs, video frame rate and video bitrate as they need.

Apply Effects to Enrich the Recording
With Free Webcam Capture, you can apply video effects like brightness, contrast, darkness, saturation, color noise, etc. to enhance your webcam video recording. Each effect is adjustable and you can preview the added effects in the preview window. Moreover, the type of screen rotation, Grayscale drawing, Reverse colors, etc. are available to suit your needs.

Add Overlay to Video Recording
To copyright your recording or make it more attractive, Free Webcam Capture lets you add overlay image like a logo or watermark to your video recording. You can also add filter effects to overlay to ensure the Picture-in-Picture video/image a good looking.

Set Recording Duration
Free Webcam Capture allows you to leave the recording alone by setting the recording duration in hours, minutes and seconds. Once the time period has elapsed, the recording will be stopped and saved automatically.

Record Live Streaming Videos
Free Webcam Capture allows you to record live streaming videos like webinars and interactive guides with high quality so that you can replay them anytime you want.

Capture Screen Activities without Time Limitation
Free Webcam Capture can keep working as long as you want only if your hard disk is enough for storage. That means you can perform video recording without any time limitation.

More Advanced Settings
The recording region appearance can be adjusted as glowing rectangle or glowing corners. When the recording is complete, you can minimize the webcam capture. Different record types like No Compress, Compress on Fly, and Compress after Record are available.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Webcam Capture
Users' Comments
by Barry Williams
It is such a professional webcam recording tool that I can find many effects here: screen rotation, Grayscale drawing, Reverse colors and so on.
by Freddie Law
I found this program a couple of days ago and it worked very well so far. I give 5 stars for its excellent recording quality.
by Fabrice Denis
Compared with other similar webcam recording software, this one is special. I use it quite often to record our business conversations so that I can replay them conveniently. What's more, I am satisfied with the recording quality.
by George Magaz
I can handle it easily even without any knowledge about the software. There are many options like recording area selection, audio recording, effect applying, etc. are available. Thanks for your team for this wonderful utility.