Read a step by step guideHave you ever been bothered with software that is half-uninstalled incorrectly? If so, Free Uninstaller is what you need. This innovative uninstall utility works hard to find the programs by effective scanning and uninstalls any unwanted programs on your PC easier and faster. It differs from the add/remove software with its complete cleaning of residues, which makes your PC run much faster than ever.

Uninstall Programs
It might be more difficult in uninstalling unwanted programs than installing them because not every bit of them can be removed easily. Free Uninstall Manager provides a simple and effective way to scan and uninstall stubborn programs and residual registry entries.

Search Program Conveniently
With a convenient program search engine, you can quickly and easily find any unwanted programs from numerous applications installed. You are allowed to locate, sort and categorize them by simply inputting the names or partial names of unnecessary programs.

Remove without Residues
Program fragments and additional leftovers from the computer's registry are annoying when uninstalling programs. Free Uninstaller can remove them completely and quickly, saving you much time on manually cleaning.

Keep Computer Work Efficiently
Free Uninstaller increases the speed and stability of your system by removing unneeded applications. Thus problems like lag, freeze up, shutdown/startup problems and installation errors can be avoided.

Save Harddisk Space
As time passes by, many of your installed programs may become unwanted and obsolete, occupying much memory space. With Free Uninstaller, you can remove them in a fast way to save your hard disk space.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Uninstaller
Users' Comments
by Ishay Green
I am impressed with your uninstaller program. I was surprised to see so many remnants from previously uninstalled programs that still remained in my computer. Your product dose clear everything out completely.
by Martin Coronel
It's just the program I am looking for! I have a lot of apps installed on my computer, sometimes it makes things much troubled. Your product does make my PC clean, thanks for your good work.
by Roee Adler
I think this uninstaller is the simplest one out of others and just 3 clicks can finish the task of uninstalling.
by Rafael Halper
I tried a few other uninstallers but they are too slow and can't remove programs entirely! With your product, I can uninstall the programs completely within minutes. Wow! Fantastic!