Read a step by step guideHave you ever encountered the hassle of shortcuts clattering on your desktop? Free Shortcut Fixer can help find and weed out all invalid or useless shortcuts in specified folders so as to enhance your PC performance. You can also use it to prevent anyone from viewing your internet history by deleting your recent searches.

Fix Broken Shortcuts
Broken shortcuts can mess your desktop, take up space and slow down your computer. Free Shortcut Fixer has the ability to solve these problems by scanning all invalid or useless shortcuts in specified folder and fix them with ease.

Speed up PC Performance
In order to boost your PC performance, Free Shortcut Fixer is able to find and remove all remnants of broken shortcuts in the designated directory, avoiding the frustrating problems in Windows such as system freezes, lock-ups, sudden shutdown and startup, slow PC running speed, etc.

Delete Recent History
Your private info can't be completely removed by simply deleting and clearing your recent searches. Free Shortcut Fixer can help detect recent history shortcuts and thoroughly delete them to prevent anyone from viewing your Internet history.

Manage Desktop Shortcuts
It must be a time-consuming job when you are trying to decrease the number of invalid shortcuts on your desktop. Free Shortcut Fixer can clearly list all the invalid or valid shortcuts on desktop and you can delete any single one or all of them with a few clicks, tidying your desktop efficiently.

Advanced Filter Function
With the advanced filter function, you can find any exact shortcut in the sea of shortcuts icons quickly. What you need to do is input name or partial name of the shortcut. Besides, the shortcuts are classified in groups like valid shortcuts, invalid ones and all shortcuts for your batch command.

View Shortcuts in a List
Free Shortcut Fixer provides you a well-organized list of all detected shortcuts so that you can view them in a clear way. The columns are marked with info like shortcut name, location, etc. and you can view the detailed properties of any selected shortcut if needed.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Shortcut Fixer
Users' Comments
by Jonathan Myers
Great app! I have tried many that do not compare to this one. It scans out all the broken shortcuts in my PC and I can remove or fix them easily.
by Gemma Bradley
It does a fairly good job. It removes all the invalid shortcuts completely and frees more space of my disk.
by Thony Thorn
I have been looking for something like this for a while. It does exactly what I expected. The invalid, valid or all shortcuts are listed in a very clear interface.
by Micromagic Walsh
Definitely recommended. It smartly detects all the broken shortcuts so as to make my desktop cleaner.