How to Scan to PDF

Step 2. Activate Scanner

Place your document on the scanner bed and click "Scan..." to choose a scanner connected to your computer and activate the scanner.

Activate Scanner

Step 3. Scan the Document

Before scan, you can click "Preview" to see the image to be scanned and then click "Scan" to start scanning. When the scan is complete, you can see the scanned document display in the program window. To adjust the image to the right size, you can use "Fit Image", "Fit Width", "Enlarge" and "Reduce". To correct the image to the up-right position, click "Rotate ACW" or "Rotate CW".
Scan the Document

Step 4. Save Scanned Image to PDF

Select page size and compression type for the scanned image and then click "Save PDF" to choose an output folder.
Save Scanned Image to PDF