How to Make Ringtones

Step 2. Input Audio

Click "Open My Desktop folder"/"My Music"/"My Ringtones" to add audio for ringtone creation.

Input Audio

Step 3. Make a Selection

You can select one audio part by using hotkey like Shift+Home, Shift+End or draging along with the waveform.
Make a Selection

Step 4. Edit the Selection

After choosing one part of the audio, you can make some editions like cut, copy, paste, crop, delete, etc. to the selected part or add some audio effects like echo, fade-in/fade-out as you want. The detailed effect parameters or presets are provided for professional uses.

Edit the Selection

Step 5. Output as Ringtone

Click "Save and Upload" to choose an output folder and then choose an output format from the dropdown list. Click "Save" and in the popped up window, you can adjust the output quality. When all settings are done, click "OK" to save the edtited audio as your ringtone.

Output as Ringtone