Read a step by step guideFree Registry Cleaner is a highly-performed utility to help people to spot obsolete & harmful entries from registry, clean them up and repair all registry errors. It can identify missing, corrupt or invalid items in your windows registry and repair errors like instability problems, freezes, system crashes, errors popping up, application response slowdown, etc. so as to enhance the PC performance.

Clean Windows Registry
Oftentimes, there are invalid entries in your registry that can cause problems with the operation of your entire computer. Free registry cleaner which can clean up unused entries and obsolete information like application info, help files, sound events, history list, ActiveX, shared DLLs and so on.

Repair Registry Errors
Free Registry Cleaner has the ability to repair registry errors without taking your PC to a repairing technician. It targets errors in registry and fixes invalid entries or references that cause computer freezing, system crashes, instability, blue screen, PC slowdowns, deadlock, error messages, etc.

PC Performance Boosting
Some remnant files generated from incomplete un-installations, disabled drivers, and spyware applications can lead to various PC problems. With this advanced utility, you can easily fix dogged registry errors, wipe out clutters and clean histories to boost your PC performance.

Backup and Restore
Free Registry Cleaner is an all-in-one application that integrates registry cleaning and registry backup & restoring. To avoid loss of any useful information in Windows registry, this registry system cleaner offers options to restore and back up registry.

Customizable Scan
With Free Registry Cleaner, you can customize how your registry to be scanned. The multiple options are available like log registry scans and fixes, re-scan after fixing registry issues, delete backup file after restoring the registry, ignore missing files on removable media and so on.

Schedule the Scan
To keep your Windows registry clean and optimized in an automated way, Free Registry Cleaner provides a time scheduler which can perform the registry scanning automatically. You can assign it work on daily, weekly or monthly bases according to your demands.

Ignore List
Free Registry Cleaner provides ignore list which can help exclude certain registry keys from scanning. What you need to do is just add or remove entries to the ignore list to prevent registry cleaning in unwanted sections.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Registry Cleaner
Users' Comments
by Rett Crocker
It did what I expected! It not only helps clean the Windows registry but also fixes registry errors, more importantly, I can use it to backup and restore registry if I need. Such a wonderful utility!
by Painting Woodard
It has a modern interface and the first thing I realize is that the software is very fast and good organized. I can back up my registry and restore them easily.
by Peter Jolly
If anyone has slow start-up speeds, I'd recommend you to take full advantage of the this tool before considering anything else.
by Russell Practice
Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your registry cleanup program. It helps me clean up Windows registry and also fix errors that my PC runs much faster than before.