Read a step by step guideFree Privacy Cleaner aims to protect your privacy and personal information by cleaning all your tracks on computer including cache, cookies, recent documents, temp files, etc. It provides thorough cleaning of the browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and more. With this privacy cleaner software, you don't need to concern about your data leaking any more.

Remove Online Traces from Web Browsers
Finding and removing online traces manually could take a few hours and there is a risk of missing something important. Free Privacy Cleaner is a simple solution for finding and removing your online traces from web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. to keep your online activity private and secure.

Clean History, Cookies & Cashe
To protect your internet privacy, Free Privacy cleaner aims to clean up the history of recently opened documents, the programs and files you have downloaded, IE cache, cookies, typed URLs and so on.

Erase Autocomplete Memory & Saved Form Info
If you don't want anybody to know what website you have visited, Free Privacy Cleaner can clear autocomplete memory so as to avoid auto-completed phrases. Furthermore, some saved information like your name, address, credit card numbers, search history can be deleted completely to ensure your privacy.

Clear Download History
Free privacy cleaner has the ability to remove some or all your downloads from the download list maintained by your visited browsers. Only in this way can you avoid snooping from third parties and identity theft from unscrupulous hackers.

Protect Privacy from Data Theft
Some important information like saved passwords and form data like your name, address, credit card numbers, search history, etc. will leave traces in your browsers. Free Privacy Cleaner can scan and remove this kind of information, thus nobody can see your recent activities online, needless to say the data theft.

Clean Up Recycle Bin & Other Info
Free Privacy Cleaner can thoroughly delete your recycle bin and other data you think unsecure. Moreover, to make your desktop and start menu clean and tidy, you can clean up your overly cluttered desktop and start menu icons.

Multiple Cleaning Methods
With Free Privacy Cleaner, you can decide how files to be deleted from the disk. The highly recommended mode will permanently remove unwanted files from your hard disk with no chance to be recovered any more. Or you can remove them to the recycle bin to catch those few miscoded temp files.

Custom Searching
Free Privacy Cleaner makes it easy to add files or cookies to an exclusion list from scans. You can specify the unwanted files by the options including read-only files, system files, hidden files and zero-byte files to avoid accidental deletion.

Secure Cleanup
Free Privacy Cleaner provides the option to clean the data from your PC more securely so that they could not be accidentally deleted. It allows you to create system restore points to restore your system and to select a folder to store the log files for future analysis.

Hotkeys & More
You can perform scanning browsers, cleaning disk and exiting the program with hotkeys. Moreover, you can skip scanning when checking the box "Don't display message when skipping scanners".
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Privacy Cleaner
Users' Comments
by Ellie Theyers
All in all, I give five stars to Free Privacy Cleaner and rate it high above the other privacy cleaners available. I will use it to do a deep and thorough cleaning at least 1 week.
by Tyler Dodge
Excellent product! It did me a great favor with the analysis function. All the files that should be deleted will be listed in the program window and I don't need to search hard for them to make my PC clean.
by Sajjad Tygner
Over time my computer becomes cluttered with redundant traces of conversations and online activities. Thank you for creating Free Privacy Cleaner, which finds them out and clean them completely.
by Renzy Mathew
I want to thank you for providing this fantastic product. It can exclude some files from scanning so that I can make sure that the system files can't be deleted accidentally.