How to Protect Internet Privacy

Step 1. Choose Browsers & Items to Remove

All the browsers and their elements like browse history, cookies, cache, auto complete items, temporary Internet files, etc. are checked by default. You can uncheck some of them to skip scanning.

Choose Browsers & Items to Remove

Step 2. Specify Scan Settings

Click "Options" and "Browse..." to choose a folder to save the log files. You can choose to permanently remove the files from hard disk or remove them to the recycle bin. Select one search option from "Include read-only files", "Include system files", "Include hidden files" and "Include zero-byte files". Then, click "Analyze" to scan the checked browsers.
Specify Scan Settings

Step 3. Clean Internet Traces

When the scan is finished, check one of the listed results and click "Details" to get its file name, size and access date. Once you decide which one to clean, select it and click "Clean Disk" to start the cleaning process.

Clean Internet Traces