Read a step by step guideDo you want to resize your photos to proper size for posting online or make them unique to share with your friends? Free Photo Resizer provides a complete solution to manipulate your photos and image files like scanned business documents, drawings, wallpapers, etc. You can use it to easily convert, resize, rotate & flip or add watermark, annotate to hundreds of images in a single operation.

Resize Photos for Multiple Uses
Whether you need to upload images on the web or share them via email, large sized images can drive you crazy. Free Photo Resizer solves the problem by resizing the images to proper size for convenient using.

Convert Photos to Other Image Formats
Free Photo Resizer can also be used as a photo conversion program to convert photos into different image formats. In this way, you can make your photos suitable for uses like emailing or uploading to the websites.

Resizing Filters for Better Quality Image
To make the resized photos perfect without any flaw, Free Photo Resizer provides multiple resizing filters including Bell, Bicubic, FastLinear, Lanczos3, etc.

Protect Image with Watermark
In order to protect your images from unauthorized sharing, posting or emailing, you can add image watermark to them. The watermark can be in any position and transparency according to your needs.

Add Caption Text
For those people who want to demonstrate their images clearly, Free Photo Resizer provides caption text ike annotations, comments and memos. The text is adjustable and you can change the alignment, position, size and opacity as you need.

200+ Image Formats Supported
The photos can be in any format like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PSD, PNG, TIFF, etc. will be resized as you want. Users don't need to bother to convert them for compatible formats before resizing.

Resize Photos in Batch
It provides batch process which makes you released from the tedious resizing task by inputting them at one time. What you need to do is just intput the files and wait.

Multiple Image Adjustment Options
It provides multiple options to adjust images: you can rotate images by -90, 90, 180 degree in clockwise rotation or anticlockwise rotation; you can flip images horizontally or vertically; you can also adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of images.

Better than Online Photo Resizers
Unlike online photo resizers, Free Photo Resizer is not restricted by internet connection and provides multiple image ajustment settings for optimum output quality.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Photo Resizer
Users' Comments
by Scott Hanselman
It’s an awesome program. I had around 100 photos to resize so as I can send them to my friends by email. It took me just 5 minutes. Just wonderful!
by Erick Stubbs
I have compared the results of using this tool for image resizing to the results of using others and from what I can see, the quality is far better than them!
by Jonathan Boal
I just used the product to resize a folder of pictures to 137mb in batch and I really appreciate its efficient work!
by Eilev Hagen
It provides professional templates and default format settings that I can make some adjustment without learning the whole conversion stuff.