Read a step by step guidePDF files are hard to edit and they require a separate program to open, which can be a hassle to many people. Free PDF to Word Converter is a desktop document conversion tool which is designed to convert your PDF documents into editable Word and TXT formats with ease. The layout of the source PDF like pictures, links, tables, paragraphs, etc. will be kept as original. For multipage PDFs, you can convert all the pages or any pages range of the PDF file.

Convert PDF to Word
It can't be more efficient when the business reports, essays and contracts converted into editable Word. People can manage the content contained in PDF conveniently without installing other third-party programs like Adobe Acrobat.

Avoid Manual Retyping
To avoid any tedious manual retyping in your daily work, Free PDF to Word Convert provides an efficient way by converting your PDF document to Word.

Keep Original Layout
All the text, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, header and footer contained in the PDF will be kept as original in the output Word document.

Suitable Resolution for Printout
To make the converted Word documents suitable for the uses like printing, viewing, screen presentation, etc., Free PDF to Word Converter provides a way to adjust the resolution if needed.

Optional Rendering Modes
Provided with 3 render modes, you can decide the way your output Word documents look like: Flowing is to make it look as if it was typed manually; Exact is to make it exactly like the PDF pixel by pixel; Continuous brings advantages of both the two modes above.

Batch Conversion
It provides batch process which makes you released from the tedious  PDF conversion task by inputting them at one time. What you need to do is just pour your numerous PDF files into this program and hit "Convert".

Convert PDF Files with Simplicity
No extra technical knowledge is required to use the software and anyone can become expert in converting PDF files. It enables users to finish the conversion with just a couple of clicks.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free PDF to Word Converter
Users' Comments
by Kathleen Nepal
After spending hours trying to change some important information in a PDF to Word, I happened on this gem. It saved all the tables, borders and text correctly, excellent!
by Kanta Belbase
It's absolutely brilliant. I converted a 30 paged PDF file in a matter of seconds, saving me loads of time retyping the document. Thanks.
by Latorya Greene
After hunting unsuccessfully for so long I found your product and it was just amazing. It has been a life saver for my college dissertations and research. I have been able to access and study more effectively because of this program.
by Andrew Blaze
Free PDF to Word Converter did a better job than I expected. It provides me 3 render modes so that I can decide what the converted Word document looks like exactly.