Read a step by step guideGenerally speaking, converting PDF to HTML is a necessity for anybody who owns a website, working as a web developer, web designer or anything involved in HTML. Free PDF to HTML Converter makes it simple that everyone can use it for PDF to HTML conversion. You will find the content like fonts, multi-column pages, tables, graphics, hyperlinks contained in PDF will be preserved as original. Now share your PDF documents online with your friends for free!

Convert PDF to HTML
Do you have a PDF document and want to put it online as a webpage? Do you want to make your business report in PDF more accessible? Free PDF to HTML Converter makes it possible by converting PDF documents to HTML that many people will share it conveniently without installing PDF viewer.

Website Update
Need to enhance the accessibility of your organizations, procedures or manual on line? Or need to increase the exposure rate of your enterprise? You can get it done with Free PDF to HTML converter in a fastest and simplest way. It can turn your PDF files directly into HTML for convenient uploading to the website.

Convert While Keeping Original Layout
Free PDF to HTML Converter can easily make your PDF documents visible and fully searchable on the Internet, while preserving the original formatting, links, bookmarks, images, vector graphics, fonts and extended alphabet characters.

Selectable Page Range
Free PDF to HTML Converter provides a flexible way for PDF conversion that you can choose the page range as you need. You can choose any continuous or discontinuous pages as well as page range to convert.

Custom HTML Pages
For easy management of your HTML page, Free PDF to HTML converter allows you to specify the page title as you want or you can use PDF filename directly as the title.

Adjust Images in Your Way
Free PDF to HTML Converter provides options to preserve or exclude images contained in PDF. The images preserved will be saved within the HTML files or kept separately in other files you specified. You can also customize the image quality by setting the quality values.

Convert in Batch
It provides batch process which makes you released from the tedious  PDF conversion task by inputting them at one time.

Convert PDF Files with Comfort
It has a pretty simple interface that every user can easily master and make full use of every option of the program in short time. The conversion can be finished with just a couple of clicks.
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Free PDF to HTML Converter
Users' Comments
by Mark Spencer
Used your converter today, brilliant, saves me loads of time! When I need to edit and analyze just some information in my PDF, I can select and export only the pieces I want using this PDF to Excel converter.
by Justin Evans
I’ve actually have been using Free PDF to Excel Converter and finding that it works exactly as described. It is very simple to use and converts data just as I would expect. I’m very pleased with it.
by George Green
Fantastic product! It helps me skip the data entry steps and tedious reformatting tasks. What's more important, the data is preserved along with my columns, layouts and formatting. Thanks a lot!
by Jessica Shultz
I have many separate PDF documents and this converter makes my conversion take simpler that I can input all of them at one time and wait for the result coming soon.