Read a step by step guideDo you want to manipulate the data from your PDF documents easily without tedious retyping? Want to convert 1,000 paged PDF to Excel flawlessly? Need to convert any part of the PDF to Excel flexibly? Then get ready - Free PDF to Excel is here to fulfil all your needs! Don’t waste time reentering data into spreadsheets. In the office or on the go, you can save PDF tables as formatted Microsoft Excel files and get down to business right away.

Convert PDF to Excel
It can't be more efficient when the financial statements, reports and billing records are converted into editable Excel worksheets. People can manage the data contained in PDF conveniently without installing other third-party programs like Adobe Acrobat.

Avoid Manual Retyping
To avoid any tedious manual retyping in your daily work, Free PDF to Excel Converter provides an efficient way by converting your PDF table to Excel worksheet.

Keep Original Layout
All the text, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks, header and footer contained in the PDF will be kept as original in the output Excel Worksheet.

Batch Conversion
It provides batch process which makes you released from the tedious PDF conversion task by inputting them at one time.

Better than Online Conversion
Unlike some online conversion services, Free PDF to Excel Converter ensures the high quality conversion with the proprietary PDF conversion algorithm.

Selectable Page Range
Free PDF to Excel Converter provides a flexible way for PDF conversion that you can choose the page range as you need. You can choose any continuous or discontinuous pages as well as page range to convert.

Output Excel Worksheet in Your Way
Free PDF to Excel Converter provides multiple options to customize the output Excel conveniently. You can change the left & top indent and the spacing between tables. The PDF pages can be output into separate worksheets or a single one and you can also choose whether to keep the original alignment or not.

Convert PDF Files with Comfort
No extra technical knowledge is required to use the software and anyone can become expert in converting PDF files. It enables users to finish the conversion with just a couple of clicks.
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Free PDF to Excel Converter
Users' Comments
by Becky Glynn
Used your converter today, brilliant, saves me loads of time! When I need to edit and analyze just some information in my PDF, I can select and export only the pieces I want using this PDF to Excel converter.
by Bernard Lambie
I’ve actually have been using Free PDF to Excel Converter and finding that it works exactly as described. It is very simple to use and converts data just as I would expect. I’m very pleased with it.
by Stephen Taylor
Fantastic product! It helps me skip the data entry steps and tedious reformatting tasks. What's more important, the data is preserved along with my columns, layouts and formatting. Thanks a lot!
by Hogan Shultz
I have many separate PDF documents and this converter makes my conversion take simpler that I can input all of them at one time and wait for the result coming soon.