How to Read PDF File

Step 2. Input PDF File

Input PDF File

Step 3. More Settings for PDF Viewing

More settings are provided when reading your PDF file.
More Settings for PDF Viewing
A: Print PDF
B: Email PDF to others
C: Read PDF in its actual size
D: Adjust page size to fit the page, the width or the height of the window
E: Zoom in/out or specify magnification percentage
F: Use bookmarks Navigation
G: Show page thumbnails in Navigation Pane
H: Find text within the PDF
I: Associate PDF Files with Free PDF Viewer for Windows
J: Convert PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, etc.
K: Document Pane that shows the current PDF
L: Navigation Pane that shows page thumbnails/bookmarks
M: Go to the next/previous page as well as the first/last page. Or go to a specific page by selecting the page number in the page menu
N: Convenient buttons to adjust PDF viewing, working in the same way as buttons in D & E