How to Clean Up PC

Step 2. Set Searching Options

Click "Options" and in the popped up window, you can see a list of file extensions. The recommended file extensions are checked by default and you can click "Select All" or "Select None" to choose all or none. To add more file extensions, click "Add..." button to enter the file name, file type and the description. To delete the selected ones, click "Remove". If you want to use default settings, click "Default".

Choose Hard Disk to Clean

Step 3. Choose Folder or Hard Disk to Scan

Click "Scan Disk" to choose a folder or hard disk to scan.
Specify Cleaning Options

Step 4. Start Cleaning

After a fast scan, some files will be listed and to view their properties, click "Properties". Click "Clean Files" to delete the files. If needed, you can restore them from recycle bin.
Start Cleaning