Read a step by step guideFree PC Auto Shutdown is a simple yet professional computer shutdown software that helps you to automatically shut down, restart, hibernate or log off computers at scheduled time. The ease of setting new tasks for your PC frees you so that you can enjoy the music without worrying about shutting down your computer while falling asleep.

Automatically Shutdown PC
When you need to shut down computer automatically without manual operation especially when download will be complete at deep night. It offers you different ways to schedule the shutdown at a specific time once, daily or weekly.

Auto Restart/Hibernate/Standby
You can stand by your PC and whenever you want to use it you can avoid the inconvenience of loading. Besides, in order to save battery power, you can hibernate your PC when you have to leave for a while. The data will not be lost when you are back because they had already saved to your hard disk.

Create Time Schedule
You can schedule the shutdown event daily, weekly and only once as per your need. Whether you are downloading a big file at night or when you are leaving and must keep your PC on for your client, the built-in time scheduler allows your PC to shut down automatically at a specific time or on a specific date accordingly.

Save Energy & Protect Hardware
It allows creating separate schedule for each day of the week so that you can save much energy in waiting for the process is finished. Besides, any risk of destroying your hardware will be minimized.

Countdown Reminder
Want to get back to the original state while you still have some work to do? Don't worry. There is a countdown screen before the computer is automatically turned off and it will remind you of the coming shutdown, so you can double confirm to cancel or change the settings in time.

Keyboard Shortcuts
The shutdown actions can be activated instantly via the keyboard by the keyboard hotkeys. You can quickly shut down your computer with one keystroke instead of up to 5 mouse clicks.

Run in Background
Free PC Auto Shutdown will not disturbe you as it runs in background as a tray icon with minimum system resources occupied.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free PC Auto Shutdown
Users' Comments
by Bill Slack
This auto shutdown program makes each power management simpler that I can use the keyboard shortcuts conveniently instead of taking efforts in clicking.
by Rachel Edelman
I tried your program yesterday and I was very pleased with it. Now my computer can shut itself down automatically at relative time, weekly or on a specified date.
by John Sanders
It's so considerate that when the shutdown is approaching, I can still make sure whether to shut it down or not with a Countdown Reminder.
by Jonathan Woolard
Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, I can easily set my computer to turn off, restart or stand-by with a few clicks.