How to Auto Shutdown PC

Step 2. Choose the Task You Want to Execute

In the dropdown menu of "Action", choose "Turn Off" from the multiple options like "Restart/Standby/Hibernate".

Choose the Task You Want to Execute

Step 3. Set the Task Execution Time

In "Time Schedule" section, you get 3 opitons to define the schedule to auto shutdown your system. Check "Relative Time" and you can specify the relative time from now/after next restart/after every restart to perform selected action. To execute the task on the specified time every week, check "Every week on" and click "..." to choose one day from Monday to Sunday and then specify a time on that day. Or you can check "On a specified date" and click the calendar to select the date and then set the exact time. When all settings are done, click "Apply".
Set the Task Execution Time