Free Password Manager

Read a step by step guideIn many cases, it is not so easy for you to remember a large number of passwords without confusion. Free Password Manager is a full-featured password management application that can handle and organize all your passwords and much private information. It comes with a secure box and all you need to keep in mind is only one unbreakable master key.

Manage Passwords Conveniently
Free Password Manager can store all your passwords in a very secure and easy way. All of your passwords and site name, URL, login ID and notes are saved in one archive and all you need to remember is one master password. You can import, modify and delete the password information in the archive you saved.

Generate Strong Password
With the built-in advanced password generator, you can generate a strong password which includes uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers or special characters. You can choose the template or set password length so that the randomly generated password can be unbreakable to anyone else.

Import & Export Data Easily
Free Password Manager allows you to freely import your password database with a few clicks instead of storing the same information once again. At the same time, you can export the password database to a ZIP file for convenient using like opening, printing and saving as backup easily.

One Master Password to Remember
Free Password Manager uses a single password that you set to encrypt various IDs & passwords you use. It guarantees that nobody but the password owner is going to get access to the data stored within it. Now, all you need to remember is only one master password for the archive!

Secure Your Data
This application creates a well-protected database where you can conveniently search and get the right information in no time. All of your personal data like web/game logins, credit cards, bank account, software serial numbers and confidential notes are kept in an encrypted form securely.

Shortcuts for Archives
Maybe you have to use the archives frequently and you don't want to take much time in finding them among the different archives. With Free Password Manager, you can conveniently create desktop shortcuts for the archives and name them as you want.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Password Manager
Users' Comments
by Duncan Shaw
I tried quite a few password managers and settled on Free Password Manager. Easy to use and without any hidden spyware, innovative, useful product.
by Phill Charlton
It is an easy to use tool that provides me with everything I need to achieve my password security goal.
by Liam McEwan
I like this utility because it shrinks massive list of passwords to one master password so that I will never forget my login passwords for my email, blog, credit card...
by Kevin Davidson
This application is reliable and dependable. It is an excellent choice for me to create random secure passwords. I can choose uppercase/lowercase letter numbers or special characters to create my passwords.