Read a step by step guideYou've probably noticed that even in the digital era you still have stacks of hard-copy printouts that you have to search through by hand, one page at a time. This is why Free OCR becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. It can extract text from paper documents like magazines, newspaper clippings, invoices, etc., making the content editable and searchable.

OCR Image to Word
Free OCR combines scanner and OCR software together to extract text from various source documents like typed, printed papers or scanned images, making the text contained in images fully editable and searchable.

No Need of Retyping
To avoid endless mistakes when you retyping an article from the magazine for backup and edition, it's your time to use Free OCR. It frees you from the tedious retyping task by extracting the text contained in images as original.

Deal with Images in Any Format
It simplifies the text extraction by extracting text from whatever source including reports, scans and faxes. The images can be in any format like JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc.

Accurate Extration
Free OCR provides nearly 99% recognition accuracy even the text is poorly printed. It analyzes the text with the advanced database so that it can tell the little differences precisely.

Image Adjustments
You can make any adjustment to the image including Zoom in or out, Rotation or Fit Image/Fit Width within the image previewer. When you need to convert just one part of the image, you can crop it as needed.

Text Editor
Free OCR provides a text editor to edit the extracted text directly within the program window. You can modify the text, remove line breaks or copy all texts to clipboard.

Extract Text with Comfort
No extra technical knowledge is required to use the software and anyone can become expert in text extraction. It enables users to finish the extraction process with just a couple of clicks.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free OCR
Users' Comments
by Cristivia Jones
Compared with other OCR software I paid for, this utility is much easier to handle and works faster than I expected.
by Hart Ryan
I love your OCR product! Every word in my scanned report can be extracted accurately that even not an error occurs. Excellent!
by Porter Brown
I never run into a text extractor like this. It makes it possible to extract my images in many formats.
by Fairclough Quinn
With this useful tool, I can view the image in any way I want like rotate, zoom in, zoom out. More important, when there is no need to extract all the content in the image, I can make a selection.