How to Cut MP3

Step 2. Input MP3

Click "Load from file..." to input the MP3 from your computer. To input tracks from your audio CD, you should insert an audio CD into the drive and click "Load from CD...".

Input MP3

Step 3. Select One Part

You can select one audio part by using hotkey like Shift+Home, Shift+End, draging along with the waveform, moving the sliders or inputting the start, end or length of time.
Select One Part

Step 4. Cut the Selected Part

After choosing one part of the audio, click "Trim" to keep the selection and remove the unnecessary part of the audio. You can also make some editions like cut, copy, paste, crop, delete to the selected part.

Cut the Selected Part

Step 5. Save Changes

Click "Browse..." to choose an output folder and then select an output format in the dropdown menu of "Target Format". Click "Settings..." to adjust output quality. When all settings are done, click "Save" to output the file.

Save Changes