Read a step by step guideMany times you may need to back up any text typed in an email or file in case of an accidental text deletion or to track the computer habits of a child. Whatever the purpose is, you can obtain and use Free Keylogger. It can record any activities happend on your PC including all visited Web sites, chats, instant messenger conversations, blogs, forums and other online and offline applications.

Record Keystrokes
Free Keylogger is a covert surveillance tool made for anyone! With this key logger, you can record all pressed keystrokes including all URLs visited, Web Content, MSN messenger conversations, every mouse click inside a window and even every text/image clipboard item, etc. It is virtually undetectable to track others for parental control or stealth monitoring.

Hidden Mode to be Invisible
It can work in hidden mode running invisibly on the desktop, add-remove program list, start menu,etc. For those who use your computer illegally, it will only keep monitoring and tracking their activities in a covert way.

Monitor Internet Surfing
This keylogger can record all the web activities including visited web-pages URLs, sites titles, clicked links, etc. Moreover, it has the ability to capture incoming & outgoing messages of the chat conversation, which makes it a perfect chat logger/IM logger as well.

Monitor Employees/Children/Spouse
By using this keyboard monitoring utility, you can capture all typed keys on your keyboard like documents in word, excel, online chat for secret monitoring of your kids, spouse, friends activities.

Prevent Data Loss
All your most sensitive and valuable information like passwords entered, logins, pin codes and access codes, etc. can be lost if there is a system failure or abort application. Free Keylogger is designed as a recovery utility which creates the basis for future reference and analysis with the recorded log report.

Detailed Monitoring Results
The generated log reports provide all keystrokes on your system including characters, digits, symbols, chat conversation, email ID, password, websites link, search engine history, etc. so that you can know what, how and when the PC users performed.

Hotkey for Convenient Operation
Free Keylogger provides hotkeys to switch between hidden and visible mode conveniently. For example, you can use the default hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + N) or specify the hotkey combination as you want.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Keylogger
Users' Comments
by Katy Stones
I just found this program recently through someone recommending it to me. The log file is accurate and I can see all the activities it tracks in details.
by Greg Broadbent
It becomes a necessary part of my daily life. I used it a lot to prevent the situation of system failure while I am inputting important information.
by Mike Scott
My husband installed Free Keylogger to watch our daughter internet activities. Unfortunately, she is experiencing some real troubles right now. You guys are providing a vital service to us. We sleep better at night at least knowing what's going on in our daughter's head because of your system.
by Mark Todd
It's a highly recommended keylogger product that I would like to share it with my friends. I like the invisible mode with which I can perfom monitoring others secretly.