Read a step by step guideFree Folder Monitor is effective folder monitoring software that allows you to monitor one or more folders or directories for the changes like creations, renaming, modification, attribute and deletion in real-time. Whenever there is a bug threat or any other system problems, you will be provided with the detailed monitoring results for your analysis.

Monitor Specific Files & Folders
Free Folder Monitor can monitor specific files, folders and applications to detect file creation, modification, attribute changes, etc. You can specify what types of changes to monitor and what kinds of notifications to display right after the change occurs.

Monitor Program Execution
To know what kinds of changes happened on your program execution, Free Folder Monitor allows you to record every track of running applications and processes as well as monitor their particular activity running on your computer.

Action Filter
This accurate action filter is to find your wanted files easily and quickly. You can choose any type of actions like Add, Remove, Modify and Rename to find the specific file. It helps you get rid of the routine work that will otherwise take lots of your time and effort.

File Alert Notifications
With Free Folder Monitor, you will be notified in time when files, folders or their contents are modified. You are provided with notification preferences like file name, directory name, attributes, size, last write, last access, etc. to specify what kinds of notifications to display when the change occurs.

Analyse Easily
Free Folder Monitor can track any file and folder with the detailed log information which is used for system debugging, file activity audit and monitoring website files, etc. The problems like storage subsystem problems, proliferating files and folders in your storage server can also be detected easily.

Real-time Monitoring
Free Folder Monitor has the ability to monitor files in real-time. It will start the monitoring processes instantly when any file is created under the condition that your PC works well. Thus it helps reduce your workload related to monitoring access to sensitive files and folders and avoid any mistake.

Classified by Different Colors
With this free folder monitor, you can quickly distinguish the monitored file and folders with different colors. You can also get a clear glance of the listed result that Blue is for "File"; green is for "Directory" and red is for "Removed entry".

Detailed Entry Properties & Log Information
You are provided with detailed entry properties of the specified files, such as type, size, location, generation time, etc. Furthermore, the log info of tracked files or folders like timestamp, action, name and other items are provided by this free folder monitor.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Folder Monitor
Users' Comments
by Andy Marley
Excellent program. Harsh for Tim to rate 5 stars. Previously I needed 15 mints to find the modified folders, while with the action filter function, I need only a few seconds.
by Mohit Sharma
One of my friends recommended this application to me and it worked excellent just like she said. With it, I can specify which file or folder to be monitored and the notification will display when any change occurs.
by Amanda Luchada
This is a great program that does what it says - it monitors the changes carefully and provides detailed information so that I will know if there are increased folders or not.
by Martin Brinkmann
I have many separate PDF documents and this converter makes my conversion take simpler that I can input all of them at one time and wait for the result coming soon.