Read a step by step guideWhether you need to recombine files downloaded in parts when sending file attachment or split files if there are size limitations, Free File Splitter Joiner will be in great help being both a file splitter and file joiner. It does an excellent job in splitting and merging any file including audio, video, text, and images, etc. without any quality loss.

Split Any File into Smaller Pieces
Free File Splitter Joiner is able to cut large files into smaller pieces for convenient uses. You can use the split small chunks to email and transfer with friends or to upload to the online free space more conveniently. Besides, it allows you to specify the size of split parts according to your demands.

Rejoin Split Files Together
Free File Splitter Joiner serves as a free file joiner at the same time. If needed, it can easily rejoin the split files together in the same directory without any quality loss. The output file is just the same as the original one.

Make Large Files' Copy & Burn Easier
Whether you need to copy a large file to your MP4 player or burn it to a DVD, Free File Splitter Joiner can do you a great favor. It can help split large files into smaller pieces for easier copy, disk burning or other uses.

Transfer Big Files Conveniently
There is always a limit to the size of big files when you email them to your friends. Free File Splitter Joiner provides a way to solve the problem by splitting the large files into smaller ones. With this utility, the person who receives the files can easily join them together without any quality loss.

Upload Large Files Online Quickly
Oftentimes, the large files can't be uploaded over the Internet in one go easily. Free File Splitter Joiner has the ability to split the large files into multiple pieces so as to upload them to SkyDrive, Dropbox, YouTube, etc. without limitation.

Flexible Unit Size
Maybe you are a little worried that if there is a size limit to the split files. Free File Splitter Joiner provides a way for you. It is capable of providing you the maximum size for the file parts including floppy disc, 74-minute CD-ROM, 80-minute CD-ROM and 100MB or you can define it by yourself according to your splitting demands.

Split & Join Files Safely
Free File Splitter Joiner can split big files into small chunks and join split ones together in a safe way. You will not be disappointed about the output file which is identical to the original one.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free File Splitter Joiner
Users' Comments
by Rod Foran
I need to send large files to my boss and colleagues and I use it all the time to split files. It has worked flawlessly and quickly and never failed me.
by Frankie Anthony
Your file splitter and joiner keeps shocking me from the beginning I use it. Almost all file formats: TXT, Word, PDF, AVI, MP3 and many others can be split or joined easily and there is no size limitation!
by Rikki Gray
Works great and fast. I've made a test, joining 8 parts (700MB in total) and the result is 26 secs.
by James Peterson
This free splitter joiner software makes my file splitting and joining job much easier than others. I can finish the process with just a few clicks. Like it very much!