Read a step by step guideFree File Encryptor is a mature yet easy to use file encryption utility which can help you encrypt any type of files like documents, photos, music, EXEs, Zips and many more in a secure way and no file size is limited. The encryption will result in your files can impossibly be accessed by others for editing, printing, listening, watching, etc.

Encrypt All Files in Any Types
Free File Encryptor is a handy utility that can bring powerful file encryption to protect your private files from unauthorized access. This professional file encryption software allows you to encrypt any types of files including video, audio, image, software, etc.

Protect Private Information
It has the ability to securely encrypt your private and confidential files to prevent data theft and protect your privacy. The encrypted result is delete-proof, copy-proof and move-proof and remains invalid unless anyone has the correct password.

Save Data When Windows Crashes
It must be painful to loss some important data when your PC crashes. While, Free File Encryptor tries its best to help keep your data in a safe condition when Windows crashes. With this helpful file encryptor, your files encrypted will not be influenced and you don't need to worry about the data loss even there is a hard disk crash.

Secure Algorithms for Encryption
With the most secure encryption algorithms including cipher and hash, you can combine 3DES, Blowfish, Rijndael DES, etc. from cipher with Haval, MD4, MD5, SHA1, etc. from hash to build an uncrackable protection wall for your valuable files.

File Decryption
The encrypted files can only be accessed by the correct password. With the password, you can easily decrypt all the files that have been previously encrypted to remove restrictions for easy sharing, distribution or further editing.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free File Encryptor
Users' Comments
by Aisha Townsend
I like this file encryptor because it helped me to secure a broader scope of confidential information like my customer data, intellectual property and financial records.
by Malcolm Learmonth
As an office staff, I often have to struggle with how to keep my files safe when my colleagues are using my computer. But ever since I started using Free File Encryptor, I can leave my computer open without any doubt that anyone can access my data. I am pretty much satisfied with it.
by Paul Myers
It does exactly what it claims to do, just as I expected. I am impressed with its ability to encrypt so many files of any type so that I can encrypt my music, movies and work documents I like.
by Scott Kettman
I’ve had great luck with your software and find it extremely easy to use. I never need to figure out what to do next and I will recommend it to my friends in no time.