Read a step by step guide In many cases, most applications don't come with user restrictions and this becomes a security flaw when others try to perform some unauthorized operations. Free EXE Lock comes in handy in such situation because it can password protect the executable files so that you can heightened security in a shared environment. Any person can not run the locked program without your permission.

Lock EXE Files
If you don't want other persons to use your tax preparation software, personal finance or other programs you like, Free EXE Lock can do you a favor. It is able to lock executable programs on your computer to password-protect any executable file from being modified.

Password Protection
To double safeguard your executable programs, Free EXE Lock applies the password protection for itself. Without your permission, noboday can run or uninstall this program, not to mention the inside protected applications.

Lock Web Browsers & Chat Tools
Free EXE Lock can protect your browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and many more if you browse the websites often. It prevents other person from viewing your browsing history, ID information, banking password and so on. Furthermore, the daily chat tools like Skype, Facebook, MSN, Twitter and more can be password-protected.

Backup Before Encryption
It provides the backup function to solve the problems when any unexpected error occurs or you forget the password you set for the application and can't unlock the encrypted one.

Optional Encryption Modes
Free EXE Lock provides you with executable files protection but also is integrated with two encryption modes: Speed priority mode and Security priority mode. You can choose either one (faster or more safely) according to your needs.

Integrated into Context Menu
It is really a troublesome process to open Free EXE Lock again and again when you need to lock some EXE files. Don't worry. This program helps you add "Encrypt with Free App Lock" into .exe file's context menus. Next time, you can right click the menu to encrypt executable files conveniently.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free EXE Lock
Users' Comments
by Carlos Pearson
I'm using it to encrypt my P2P program because I don't want people messing with it especially with my current downloads. I highly recommend this software to others.
by Joel Kohut
I appreciate this EXE Lock program very much for it getting all things done in a simple interface. There is no need to study how to password protect Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers and using it to lock them is very easy.
by Paul Hooper
Your software seems to fit perfectly for what I need! Fast, easy, reliable protection of files with the minimum of fuss. I use it a lot to protect my private information like browing history in Google and chattings in Skype.
by John Terry
I had it on a laptop that was just stolen. I love it and feel much safer knowing that my important files were locked up!