How to Lock EXE Files

Step 2. Select EXE File

Click "Select" to select an .exe file you want to encrypt or you can open the directory of the selected .exe file by clicking "Browse". To estore the original file when errors occur, check "Back up the current executable file to *.bat".

Select EXE File

Step 3. Enter Password

Type the password in box of "Password" and retype it in box of "Confirm" to verify. Check "Mask password" if needed and you can specify the prompt message of the encrypted EXE file.

Enter Password

Step 4. Encrypt the EXE File

Click "Encrypt" to encrypt the EXE file and to decrypt it, enter the password in "Password" and click "Decrypt". In "Settings & About" tab, you can specify encryption mode or apply password protection for Free EXE Lock itself.

Encrypt the EXE File