Free Empty Folder Delete

Read a step by step guide Empty folders may appear over time and those tons of data may clutter the interface of your operating system. Free Empty Folder is an advanced utility designed to detect and remove folders that are empty or contain only empty subfolders/junk files from your computer in order to boost your system performance.

Find & Delete Empty Folder
There might be lots of empty folders in Windows and these might be created either by temporary files or uninstalled programs. Free Empty Folder Delete aims to scan for empty folders in your hard drives, saving you much time and energy in searching and deleting so many empty folders.

Safe Deletion Modes
This handy empty folder remover tool ensures you a safe deletion with multiple options like deletion to recycle bin, directly deletion, simulate deletion, etc. Additionally, directories with 0 KB files can be regarded as empty and you can choose to ignore hidden folders, hide scan errors, skip system directories, etc.

Directory Filter
Some folders include junk files like thumbs.db, desktop.ini, etc. which contain nothing and therefore useless. Free Empty Folder Delete provides a customizable filter to remove such folders conveniently. To avoid the situation that the wrong deletion leads to the system failure, you can add some important directories like System Volume Information, RECYCLER, GAC_MSIL, winsxs, System32, etc. to the directory filter to skip scanning.

Shell Integration
You are allowed to integrate Free Empty Folder Delete into Explorer context menu for convenient use instead of repeated opening. Next time, you can easily launch Free Empty Folder Delete by right clicking on the folder and choosing the integrated option.

Advanced Settings
More advanced settings can be accessed if your want to specify the maximum folders scan depth, infinite-loop detection, pause time or other options. You also copy debug information for professional analysis with Free Empty Folder Delete.

Keep System Clean & Fast
If you haven't performed a cleaning for your computer for a while, those empty folders not deleted can therefore take up valuable disk space and slow down the performance of your computer. Free Empty Folder Delete can assist you to delete empty folders, making the system clean and boosting your PC performance.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Empty Folder Delete
Users' Comments
by Layla Finnegan
I tried this utility yesterday. It identified almost 300 empty directories on my computer. It's very nice that some useless file types can be ignored.
by Bernard Lambie
There is no reason that I shouldn't give this software 5 stars. It makes my PC so clean by sweeping the unnecessary empty folders away and more importatly, I can use the filter to make some system folders skip scanning and deletion.
by Francesco Longfield
It's just a perfection that I didn't know I need it until I used it. To be frank, I worried that what if some system folder be deleted? Your product smartly solves the problem by skipping some folders when deleting.
by Nancy Luca
You guys put pretty much attention on user experience and I can choose the way to delete empty folders like deletion to recycle bin, directly deletion and simulate deletion.