Read a step by step guideSorting through your files seems overwhelming when you have hundreds of videos, music files or documents that you have lost track of. Free Duplicate File Finder can help locate and remove useless file duplicates to free up disk space and better organize your file collections. You will have full control in being able to look through the list of duplicates and decide which copy to keep.

Find Duplicate Files
Free Duplicate File Finder can help fast find duplicate files that are located in your specified folders, drives or entire computers. It uses a high degree of accuracy based on binary comparison to get files that are truly the same.

Delete Duplicates
Many of your duplicate documents, MP3s, Photos, Videos and some auto-generated trash are redundant. Free Duplicate File Finder can help delete any duplicate file with the same name or file properties to Recycle Bin.

Analysis Disk Space
With a graphical diagram, you can clearly view the disk space occupied by each folder or file and easily locate the file which takes up bigger space and then delete it.

Regain Space & Boost PC Performance
The duplicate files may reclaim up to 50% of hard disk space. Free Duplicate Files Finder can help regain your disk space by simply deleting duplicate files. Besides, it can speed up your PC performance by deleting the duplicate files that are cluttering your hard disks.

Tidy up Media Files
As time goes by, the songs you have been downloaded twice, holiday photos uploaded several times, documents copied and pasted and other media files have already duplicated in your hard disk. Don't worry, Free Duplicate File Finder can help sort and organize these media collections by deleting the identical tracks.

Minimize Backup Time
The duplicate data can make the copy process much longer and increase your backup time. Free Duplicate File Finder can scan your disk thoroughly and delete duplicate files so as to minimize the backup time and money.

Save File Searching Time
In many cases when you search one particular file however many duplicate files appear in the list. In order to save you the time in locating the file you want, Free Duplicate File Finder can do a quick but thorough search and present you with the duplicate file contents regardless of filename.

Multiple File Types Supported
With Free Duplicate File Finder, you can find almost all types of duplicate files you want such as Adobe Acrobat files, archive files, compressed and MS office files, outlook PST files, photo files, video/audio files, web files and so on.

Scan Portable Devices
This duplicate file finder not only serves your PC disks, but also external portable devices like MP4/MP3 player, USB drives, iPhone, iPod, Zune, Digital Cameras, etc. It is very convenient for you to connect them to your computer and clear up duplicate files efficiently.

Name Mismatch Search Algorithm
Duplicate files can be the files with the same content but with different names. In this case, Free Duplicate File Finder applies name mismatch search algorithm by comparing the content of your files so as to find duplicates even if they are using different file names.

Advanced File Checksum Calculator
With the built-in file checksum calculator, Free Duplicate File Finder can read the file from the beginning to the end and generate a unique number calculated based on its contents. This number is stored and used to compare the contents to other files to determine if they are truly identical.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Duplicate File Finder
Users' Comments
by Clare Hoare
I have used Free Duplicate File Finder to remove thousands of duplicate files on my hard drive. I especially like the feature that it can search any number of folders or the entire drive.
by Marc Halpern
In my case, I must have two or three copies of some items but I have no idea where the extras are. Free Duplicate File Finder really helps me to locate all those duplicates quickly and lets me resolve them easily and safely.
by Richard Potter
It's a great program that does a superb job of finding real duplicates. The main view shows all file details so I can be sure that I am not deleting any system file or folder.
by Christopher Breen
I have tried several duplicate file finders and Free Duplicate File Finder is much better than them. I can use it to find duplicates not only on my PC, but also on my MP4 player, USB drives, iPhone and Camera. Fantastic!