How to Backup Drivers

Step 2. Scan Drivers

Click "Scan Drivers" and in the dropdown menu, you can choose to scan recommended or all drivers. After the scan, you will see the programs installed in your computer listed in the program window.

Scan Drivers

Step 3. Choose Drivers to Backup

To choose all drivers, click "Select All" and when you need to invert the selection, click "Select Invert".

Choose Drivers to Backup

Step 4. Start Driver Backup

You can backup the drivers in 3 ways: "Backup selected drivers", "Backup recommended drivers" and "Backup all drivers". The hotkeys like F9/F10/F11 can be used for convenient operations. When the backup is complete, click "Backup - Browse backup folder..." to directly open the folder that stores the backed-up drivers.

Start Driver Backup