How to Create ISO from Files

Step 1. Activate ISO Creator

First, install and launch Free Disc Burner. After that, click "More Tools" and choose "ISO Creator" to activate ISO creator.

Activate ISO Creator

Step 2. Specify Output Folder & Filename

Click the square button to choose an output folder and specify a filename for the created ISO image.
Specify Output Folder & Filename

Step 3. Select File System Type

There are file system types: ISO-9660 and ISO-9660 + Joliet UNICODE name extension, choose one of them to save the data. To create bootable disc, check "Create bootable disc" and choose the image files.

Select File System Type

Step 4. Add Files/Folders & Start ISO Creation

Click "Add File(s)..." or "Add Dir..." to input files or folders for your data DVD/CD burning. To create new folder, click "New Dir..." or to rename any folder, choose "Rename...". Now, click "Next" to start ISO creation and the detailed information and a progress bar will be provided.

Add Files/Folders & Start ISO Creation