How to Burn ISO to CD/DVD

Step 1. Activate ISO Burner

First, install and launch Free Disc Burner. After that, you need to insert a blank CD or DVD to your disc drive. Then, click "Tools" and choose "ISO Burner" to activate ISO burner.

Activate ISO Burner

Step 2. Select Burning Device

Choose one of the burning devices from the list. When new devices have been plugged in or you change the disc in the drive, click "Refresh" to update the device list.
Select Burning Device

Step 3. Choose ISO File

Click the square button to choose the image file you want to burn.

Choose ISO File

Step 4. Select Burning Mode & Speed and Start Burning

Choose a burning mode from the dropdown menu of "Burning Mode". The Test mode can be used to activate burning for checking errors. You can also adjust the burning speed if needed. Now, click "Next" to start CD burning and a progress bar will show you the status of burning.

Select Burning Mode & Speed and Start Burning