Read a step by step guideIn case you need an assistant which can help perform the same mouse clicking tasks over and over again, Free Auto Clicker might be of interest to you. It is powerful yet easy-to-use mouse automation software for clicking mouse automatically and continuously. What you need to do is just set the intervals of continuous click and press the fixed start & stop hotkey.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker
Free Auto Clicker can automate mouse clicks anywhere on your viewable screen. Whether you are playing games that require routine clicks or dealing with tedious work with repetitive actions, it will automatically click the mouse in one spot or many times you like.

X & Y Coordinate Calculation
Free Auto Clicker provides a coordinate calculator to get X and Y coordinates calculated. You can move the mouse cursor to the place where you would like the program to perform clicking and press the spacebar so that the clicking point will be saved.

Command List to Record Script
When you perform multiple points clicking, the exact coordinate will be listed in the right column. Free Auto Clicker is able to save the coordinate script automatically to an FAC file and make it available for later use without having to recreate it.

Time Interval & Schedule
To make your mouse clicking task easier and more accurate, you can set the interval at which the clicks will occur, set pauses between clicks & automatically stop after a desired amount of clicks and time.

Assist Your Game
Free Auto Clicker provides great help for those who play PC or online games frequently. It performs unavoidable, irritating and constant clicking for them, thus they can go out and spend more time with their friends and families.

Auto-Click on Web Pages
What will you do when you need to click your mouse constantly to achieve your goals such as online slot machine games, bingo, news and broadcast sites? Free Auto Clicker helps click on all of these pages without hassle.

Good for Webcam Use
It might be hard to get yourself into a good pose while reaching out to click the mouse when taking pictures with Webcam program. Free Auto Clicker makes it easy by clicking on the Take Picture button at a time you specified.

Hotkeys for Convenient Operation
When the auto clicking is being performed and you have something else to handle, then the hotkeys can be helpful. You can command the auto-clicking in a quick way by using the hotkeys including Esc for Stop, Del for Clear list, and Space for Set point.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Auto Clicker
Users' Comments
by Richard Halil
Perfect for gaming needs. Simple, easy to use and with just the right amount of available customization. A nice little program.
by Ergun Shinnie
To my surprise, I can adjust by number of clicks and clicks per second. So simple but very accurate. With it, I don't need to worry about making mistakes.
by Norman Council
I’ve come across your product by chance today, though I was looking for such a program for a long time before. I like the coordinate script which I can use it directly everytime I need the same clickings.
by Caleb Allen
I’d like to thank you for creating such a wonderful program. As a system administrator, I use it a lot to help me with my routine work.