Read a step by step guideFree Audio Editor is an all-in-one audio files editor for Windows. It provides professional tools for your audio recording, editing, enhancing and sharing. You can perform various operations with audio data such as editing like cut, copy, paste, etc., applying various audio effects and filtering.

Edit Audio Visually & Precisely
With Free Audio Editor, you can make a precise selection of the audio. Besides, you can visually edit the audio file by Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Trim and more. The zoom in & out are available for better view.

Record Any Sound
Free Audio Editor allows you to record any sound from online streaming audio files, DVD/CD, live performances, internet, conventional radio, Mixer, microphone, electronic instrument, etc. easily without any quality loss.

30+ Audio Effects Provided
In order to enrich your audio with more personalities, Free Audio Editor provides more than 30 audio effects including Amplify, Delay, Echo, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverse, filters and many more.

Load Audio from CD
With Free Audio Editor, you can load the audio tracks directly from your favorite music CD for editing. You can also search for wanted albums online easily with a free CDDB which provides the details like the artist, CD title, album, record label, track information, etc.

Reduce Noise Easily
Sometimes your recorded audio file may contain some noise like background noise, cassette noise or hiss & clicks. The Noise Reduction tool can make your recordings clean by removing the unwanted noise easily.

Adjustable Presets & Parameters
You don't need to be an expert in every detail about the various parameters of the effects. Free Audio Editor provides multiple presets and parameters of each audio effect for easy music editing.

ID3 Tag Editor & WMA Info
With the built-in ID3 editor, you can insert and change the internal file information like title, artist, album and track number associated with an MP3 audio file. Besides, the WMA Info will let you change tagged information about your WMA music files easily.

Select Bookmark & Region
Free Audio Editor simplifies your editing process with the bookmark function that you can insert anchors like labels and regions to your audio files. To quickly switch between different audio selections, you can use the markers conveniently.
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Free Audio Editor
Users' Comments
by Leo Stewart
After trying this audio editor, I was really satisfied and happy about it. I can make my music files unique by adding the effects and any kind of effects can be found here like amplify, delay, echo, equalizer, Fade…
by Jake Zuck
The most captivating feature of free audio editor is its ability to reduce noises. I loved this feature and have experienced the thrill in removing the clicks and breath contained in the recording.
by Barry Reid
I was looking out for the software which could load music files from CD or CD online conveniently and found your product. I became a real fan of it!
by Vernon Diament
Thank you for providing me such easy to use software. I had a tough time in editing the music files earlier. But after getting Free Audio Editor, my problem was solved. I was able to edit the music files within fraction of seconds.